Sunday, October 2, 2011

6 Tips to Better Lolita Coordinates

1.) A Good Petticoat: What I like to call the foundation of a lolita outfit! A good Petti  with the right shape is often what separates the beginner lolita from the matured lolita.

As you can see in the sketches (drawn by none other than yours truly ;p) the top two "A-line" & "Bell Shape" are the common correct skirt shapes in the Lolita fashion. Now... the bottom two skirt shapes are the most common incorrect! I like to call these two the "Bunt Cake" and the "Jellyfish." The bunt cake is 70% of the time caused by a deflated petti. The other 30% is from an improperly made pettie when the tulle, chiffon, or organza isn't graduated in layers from top to bottom, but instead sewn all in one layer causing excess puff up top. The Jellyfish is commonly caused by two things... A.) Petticoat is too short. Or B.) Skirt isn't full enough to lay on a petti, bringing the petti to bundle-up and cause an awkward bulge.
When I have the time I'll be writing more about petticoats, construction, and fabric.

2.) Good Hairstyle: Yes! It helps SOOO much! A good hairstyle is a major thing that most new lolitas let slide! Someone please, put a stop to the standard ponytail! Girls, the fashion it's self is pretty dressy... shouldn't our hair match? I'm not saying you have to spend hours in front of the mirror every time you slip into you puffy skirt. At least try striating or braiding your hair and accenting it with a sweet flower or bow. There are tons of 5 min. up-dos that can keep you looking fabulous! Just search on youtube!
(I do not clame any rights to these photos)

Also, make sure you're wearing a head piece that is complementing your face as well as your outfit. Now... I'm all in favor for old school lolita, but sometimes... *cough* most of the time, large ruffled headdress are over powering. A girl could be wearing the most lovely of coords, but if she's also wearing a head dress that is consuming her face it, works against her whole outfit by distracting from the rest of the coord.

3.)Fitted Clothing: If you're extra tall make sure to buy longer OP,JSK, and skirts. Mid thigh skirting length is just not loli... Lolita is not about temping. 

If your dress is too big, tailor it or have it tailored. Don't buy outfits that just barely fit. Nothing looks more tacking than an ill fitting dress that looks as if it's on the verge of busting at the seams.
A good thing to keep in mind when you're shopping is to look for pieces that can tighten at the waist(lace-up back, shirring, waist tied bow). So, if you buy a slightly bigger size you can still look great by showing your waist to be the smaller part of your upper body.
 Same thing with mainstream clothing! It's not about squeezing into a size 2. It's about what size fits and flatters.

4.) Make-up:  Make sure your make-up gives off the same feel as your outfit. If you're outfit is classic style wear soft neutral looks. Elegant Goth, nice defined eyes, even skin, accompanied by a lovely lip color. And Sweet style, Have fun with eye shadows that matches your dress ,then lengthen your lashes with mascara.

(I do not clame any rights to these photos)

5.) Completing Accessories: Jewelry, If your a classical or elegant goth lolita... please, PLEASE! Stay away from plastic jewelry!!Only sweet lolita's can pull it off, and even at that it has to be done very tastefully.  Look for classic vintage pieces! If you don't have a local antique shop then check out Etsy. Sometimes mainstream stores have something to work with. Check out UrbanOutFitters, Fovever 21, and Claire's.

Socks and shoes, these are a make or break for every lolita's outfit.
Mary Janes are the most common mainstream lolitable shoes out there currently. It's pretty difficult to find some show stopping shoes for your outfit at your local payless. Look in vintage stores, etsy, and clobbaoline.

Flats can be tricky... If your a new lolita please, avoid them until your sure you know that works and what doesn't.

(I do not clame any rights to these photos)
Your sock should work with your outfit and not against. if your wearing a real busy print choose solid socks or socks with a less busy print. If your outfit is a little more plain then dress it up with a bit more elaborate pear.
When it comes to socks for me, I stick to solids.  I don't have extremely muscular legs, but enough that they're a little bigger then the average size 4 petite girl's. So, to keep my legs from looking huge I stay clear of bigger prints. Secondly, I just feel that solid sock look better with gothic and classic styles.
6.) Posture: It's very important. Like I said earlier, "the lolita fashion is a pretty dressy style..." If a bride walks down the carpet with a lovely classic white gown, but has her shoulders slumped, you can't help but notice much else.
The ways you carry your body say so much about how you see yourself. If you want to appear to others that you're confident in lolita, then stand tall and pull back your shoulders, girl! Others are more likely to judge you if they get the vibe that you don't quite feel comfortable with who you are at the moment. Be proud to be different and let your posture communicate that!

-Lady Liddy

Monday, August 29, 2011

Forgiveness, Please?...

Hi, Guys!
 Yes, I know it's been forever! I've been sooo busy with summer ministries and work!
Here's some of my outfits I wore throughout the summer time. I wasn't as faithful in taking pictures... I'll be working on that. :]
In other news... I'm hoping to start up a YouTube channel for "LadyLiddyFashion" soon! I'll be posting Vlogs, Tips for new Lolitas, and hopefully some basic sewing tutorials. I'll be sure to let ya'll know when this all happens!
Picture time! :D

Lol... As you can tell in the progression of pictures, I'm wearing less and less make-up! I've been trying my very best to get all my acne cleared up! So, maybe if I become successful in this mission I'll post my secrets. So far everything is clearing up! I still have a ways to go and some allergies to figure out.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy International Lolita Fashion Day!

Man, I've been gone for a while! Sorry, guys! But I did have a good reason. Along with school and work I've been busy working on my first commissioned dress(which I just sent out today!) I'm hoping to have an etsy set up some time next week.

My outfit in honor of today!
I've been thinking about possibly writing a few posts on tips for new lolis on shopping, sewing, choosing a style, coordinating outfits. Let me know if ya'll are interested!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Photos!

In honor of my mom on mother's-day I let her pick out my dress for our family dinner out!

Also here is another out fit from the day before!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tips For Better Coordinates!

Yes, I know this is Friday and I normaly post something random and non-lolita related, but I was having trouble coming up with somthing random and entertaining.  (Which reminds me, if any of ya'll have a topic you'd like me to post pertaining to the lolita fashion, or a questions let me know and I'll address them on Mondays.)

This topic doesn't just pertain to lolitas alone, these tips will help any girl who's in a longing to put together a better outfit.
Note: I'm in NO way saying I'm totally accomplished in this area and that I have it all together. These are just tips that I've picked up and now use as my own to put together my own coordinates.
1.)Know Your Colors
learn what colors look good together and what colors don't, and learn which one look good on you!
2.)Keep A Style File
Next time your looking through your favorite magazine or viewing a favorite fashion blog and see an outfit that catches your eye, print or tear it out. Don't get caught up over how much skinner the model is or how the cut may not look good on your own body. It could be the color arrangement or the textures of the outfit that's pleases your eye.
collect picture after picture and separate them by season, evening and day. When your running out of ideas or needing to improve an existing outfit you have inspiration organized and ready!
3.)Lay Out Your Outfit
Laying out your outfit on your bed, chair or even putting them on your sewing manikin helps you see the entire outfit and study whether or not textures or colors work together.
4.)Look For Something Different
Don't' just settle for plain ol' Wal-mart, Old Navy, Target clothing(Or for lolitas the normal brand shops),unless that's your style. Every now and then try looking somewhere new.  Maybe a resale, garage sale, Vintage store, or online stores like Esty. You find so many rare and unique pieces to make your outfits more interesting.
5.)Learn Basic Sewing and Alterations
Yeah, for some of us it's a joy and others it's a chore, but in order to get the best fit you have to make things fit. Most mainstream clothing isn't shaped for everyone. Duh! Everyone is in so many shapes and sizes. Since custom alterations and tailoring has become a thing of the past, of course not everything is going to fit everyone just right. So, learn to make that sewing machine your best friend!
6.)Don't Restrict Yourself to What Everyone Else is Wearing
How else are new fashions and trends born if all individuals are dressing the same? Not to mention that kills all the fun in fashion when everyone is wearing the same thing! So, don't be afraid to experiment!
7.)Take Inventory On What You Need
Go through your clothing and see what is really needed to avoid buying things you don't have anything to wear with. If you need a white cotton blouse keep an eye out for one instead of a lovely sage green skirt that doesn't match your purple and yellow blouse hanging in your closet.
8.)Make Sure Your Shoes Work
Shoes can make or break an outfit. Make sure that it's colors, textures and style work with your outfit and not against it.
9.)Try New Hair Styles
Another one of those make or break things. I know we all have our 2 easy and favorite styles, but an interesting hair style can tremendously add to your coordinate! If you have a hard time coming up with new styles search the internet, look them up on YouTube, get books on styling.

10.)Have Fun With Fashion
Don't stress yourself out too much about whether everything is perfect or not. The day fashion becomes a chore and no longer fun, is the day I'll settle for a pair of jeans and a boring t-shirt, look for a new hobby and be ok with it. If you need to take a break from fashion for a while so you don't get all burnt out, then do it.
-Lady Liddy

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Victorian Patterns By Simplicity!

For all you loli seamstresses out there just thought I should make mention of the new Victorian patterns out by Simplicity!
 (I do not claim any rights to this photo)
I myself will be purchasing these lovely patterns when they go on sell. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Dress Project Completed!

Late last night I finished my Easter dress! 

It being Easter and all I'd like to write a few words of gratitude to my Savior Jesus.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. For loving me even when I didn't love You. Without You I'd be and ugly person, because any true goodness that comes from me it comes from me because of You. Without You I'd have no purpose. Without You I'd have no true love in my life. Without You I'd never know the true meaning of love. Without you I'd be lost in sin...
Thank You Dear Jesus for everything,

Saved Only By Your Grace,
-Lady Liddy

He Is Risen!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Lolita?" Page Update!

I've updated and will countinue to update the "Lolita?" page with bits and pieces at a time about lolita, also photos and notes about other lolita styles.

I was planning on posting some pictures of a photoshoot my sisters and I did last month, but they're not yet processed, sorry. :[ So, to help save this post from utter lameness here is an old artwork of mine.

Oh, almost forget! Yeah, the Easter dress project is still coming along it should have been done quite some time ago, but when life happens to sometimes get busy and lovely moments like when you find out that your 35 inches short on lace come along, stuff well... gets delayed. haha... I'm praying it gets done in time for Easter Sunday. :]


Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Dress Project

Yes, I know... I'm lazy! I wasn't up to creating a full color image of the design, but here it is none the less. Please, forgive the sloppy sketching... I'll spend more than 6min. next time.
The color of the fabric will be a sage green with cream lace. I've already created the pattern two months ago and I'm done almost done cutting the fabric. Hoping to have the project completed with pictures posted before the end of next week.
So to not leave this post to dull... Here are a few pics of my previous projects!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Lolita?

I've been asked many times "Why do you wear the clothing you do?", and I reply with a smile "Because I like it and it makes me happy." Yup, it's that simple. I believe as long as you're not harming another individual, going against your parent's approval or your personal convictions, you should wear what makes you happy.

After my reply I tend to continue with a question of my own. "Do you ever wear things just because you like them and it makes you happy?" Unfourtunaly the majority of the time I get answers much like "No, not really..." or "I try to wear what's in style." I feel really bad for those girls. They really don't know what they're missing! Then there are those few girls that will gladly reply "Yes, I do! I love to just wear a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, because that's what I enjoy wearing and I'm comfortable in it." More power to those girls! They know what they like and they wear it.

Why is lolita for me?
(to read more on the fashion lolita click this link --> )

                                                              (I do not claim any rights to this photo)
I'm a girl and I like to celebrate my femininity by wearing feminine clothing. Lolita is the most girlish of fashions I know of! When I put on a dress, JSK, skirt, etc... I feel beautiful, cute and pretty. I don't want to feel or look "hot" or "sexy" because honesty if I ever dress to feel that way I'm not dressing for myself, but to gain the attention of some guy... and probably not a good one! Remember " Whatever you catch him with you have to keep him with." We all know over time no matter how many plastic surgeries you go through eventually it will be very apparent that your face doesn't stretch just right when changing expressions. Haha...

Aren't you afraid of what other people might think?
I might be if what I'm wearing comes off as "sleazy", that's going against my personal convictions as a Christian. But since lolita is a fairly modest style I don't have that problem. I'm not going to lie though... In the beginning I was pretty nervous about what my friends might think. But then I had to realize that if I wasn't being myself then my friends weren't really friends with me, but a person I was pretending to be. sadly to say there was a few that ditch me, but on the other hand they weren't that real of a friend to begin with. As for my "real friends" some liked it, some loved it, and others weren't too thrilled by it, but none the less they remained my friends and excepted me for who I was just as they always had.

Do I wear lolita all the time?
Sadly not. :[ There are times when it's not practical to wear a big puffy dress. Such as at work, cleaning at home, or sports. I still wear normal clothing and other styles sometimes even when I've had the chance to wear lolita just because I'm a lover of fashion and like to try new things, but lolita still remains my favorite of them all.

How long will I wear lolita?
I've excepted the fact that one day lolita may not make me happy anymore and my sense of style will change. But for now loads of ruffle, puffy skirts, and bows is what excites me, so that's what I'm going to continue to wear and fill my wardrobe with.

~Lady Liddy

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hi, ya'll! It's Lady Liddy!

Welcome to my random frilly world! For those of you who do not know me and those who don't know me as well... I'm a girl in love with the lolita fashion, enjoys drawing, and is addicted to sewing. I hope to be posting my sewing projects, lolita coordinates, artwork, and mini comics soon!
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