Sunday, October 2, 2011

6 Tips to Better Lolita Coordinates

1.) A Good Petticoat: What I like to call the foundation of a lolita outfit! A good Petti  with the right shape is often what separates the beginner lolita from the matured lolita.

As you can see in the sketches (drawn by none other than yours truly ;p) the top two "A-line" & "Bell Shape" are the common correct skirt shapes in the Lolita fashion. Now... the bottom two skirt shapes are the most common incorrect! I like to call these two the "Bunt Cake" and the "Jellyfish." The bunt cake is 70% of the time caused by a deflated petti. The other 30% is from an improperly made pettie when the tulle, chiffon, or organza isn't graduated in layers from top to bottom, but instead sewn all in one layer causing excess puff up top. The Jellyfish is commonly caused by two things... A.) Petticoat is too short. Or B.) Skirt isn't full enough to lay on a petti, bringing the petti to bundle-up and cause an awkward bulge.
When I have the time I'll be writing more about petticoats, construction, and fabric.

2.) Good Hairstyle: Yes! It helps SOOO much! A good hairstyle is a major thing that most new lolitas let slide! Someone please, put a stop to the standard ponytail! Girls, the fashion it's self is pretty dressy... shouldn't our hair match? I'm not saying you have to spend hours in front of the mirror every time you slip into you puffy skirt. At least try striating or braiding your hair and accenting it with a sweet flower or bow. There are tons of 5 min. up-dos that can keep you looking fabulous! Just search on youtube!
(I do not clame any rights to these photos)

Also, make sure you're wearing a head piece that is complementing your face as well as your outfit. Now... I'm all in favor for old school lolita, but sometimes... *cough* most of the time, large ruffled headdress are over powering. A girl could be wearing the most lovely of coords, but if she's also wearing a head dress that is consuming her face it, works against her whole outfit by distracting from the rest of the coord.

3.)Fitted Clothing: If you're extra tall make sure to buy longer OP,JSK, and skirts. Mid thigh skirting length is just not loli... Lolita is not about temping. 

If your dress is too big, tailor it or have it tailored. Don't buy outfits that just barely fit. Nothing looks more tacking than an ill fitting dress that looks as if it's on the verge of busting at the seams.
A good thing to keep in mind when you're shopping is to look for pieces that can tighten at the waist(lace-up back, shirring, waist tied bow). So, if you buy a slightly bigger size you can still look great by showing your waist to be the smaller part of your upper body.
 Same thing with mainstream clothing! It's not about squeezing into a size 2. It's about what size fits and flatters.

4.) Make-up:  Make sure your make-up gives off the same feel as your outfit. If you're outfit is classic style wear soft neutral looks. Elegant Goth, nice defined eyes, even skin, accompanied by a lovely lip color. And Sweet style, Have fun with eye shadows that matches your dress ,then lengthen your lashes with mascara.

(I do not clame any rights to these photos)

5.) Completing Accessories: Jewelry, If your a classical or elegant goth lolita... please, PLEASE! Stay away from plastic jewelry!!Only sweet lolita's can pull it off, and even at that it has to be done very tastefully.  Look for classic vintage pieces! If you don't have a local antique shop then check out Etsy. Sometimes mainstream stores have something to work with. Check out UrbanOutFitters, Fovever 21, and Claire's.

Socks and shoes, these are a make or break for every lolita's outfit.
Mary Janes are the most common mainstream lolitable shoes out there currently. It's pretty difficult to find some show stopping shoes for your outfit at your local payless. Look in vintage stores, etsy, and clobbaoline.

Flats can be tricky... If your a new lolita please, avoid them until your sure you know that works and what doesn't.

(I do not clame any rights to these photos)
Your sock should work with your outfit and not against. if your wearing a real busy print choose solid socks or socks with a less busy print. If your outfit is a little more plain then dress it up with a bit more elaborate pear.
When it comes to socks for me, I stick to solids.  I don't have extremely muscular legs, but enough that they're a little bigger then the average size 4 petite girl's. So, to keep my legs from looking huge I stay clear of bigger prints. Secondly, I just feel that solid sock look better with gothic and classic styles.
6.) Posture: It's very important. Like I said earlier, "the lolita fashion is a pretty dressy style..." If a bride walks down the carpet with a lovely classic white gown, but has her shoulders slumped, you can't help but notice much else.
The ways you carry your body say so much about how you see yourself. If you want to appear to others that you're confident in lolita, then stand tall and pull back your shoulders, girl! Others are more likely to judge you if they get the vibe that you don't quite feel comfortable with who you are at the moment. Be proud to be different and let your posture communicate that!

-Lady Liddy


Valkyrie Phoenix said...

Just pictured the bride >.> Nice blog post by the way :D

BethAnn said...

Thanks for this girl! Really needed it! :)
miss you girl!

LadyLiddy said...

Valkyrie Phoenix, Lol! Thanks! :]

Beth, Glad I could be of some help! I miss you a ton too! :[

Mary Hazelbelle said...

Oh, Jellyfish and Bunt cake ;) I laughed so much! ^^ I hate when it happens to me :) Great post! :D

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