Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tips For Better Coordinates!

Yes, I know this is Friday and I normaly post something random and non-lolita related, but I was having trouble coming up with somthing random and entertaining.  (Which reminds me, if any of ya'll have a topic you'd like me to post pertaining to the lolita fashion, or a questions let me know and I'll address them on Mondays.)

This topic doesn't just pertain to lolitas alone, these tips will help any girl who's in a longing to put together a better outfit.
Note: I'm in NO way saying I'm totally accomplished in this area and that I have it all together. These are just tips that I've picked up and now use as my own to put together my own coordinates.
1.)Know Your Colors
learn what colors look good together and what colors don't, and learn which one look good on you!
2.)Keep A Style File
Next time your looking through your favorite magazine or viewing a favorite fashion blog and see an outfit that catches your eye, print or tear it out. Don't get caught up over how much skinner the model is or how the cut may not look good on your own body. It could be the color arrangement or the textures of the outfit that's pleases your eye.
collect picture after picture and separate them by season, evening and day. When your running out of ideas or needing to improve an existing outfit you have inspiration organized and ready!
3.)Lay Out Your Outfit
Laying out your outfit on your bed, chair or even putting them on your sewing manikin helps you see the entire outfit and study whether or not textures or colors work together.
4.)Look For Something Different
Don't' just settle for plain ol' Wal-mart, Old Navy, Target clothing(Or for lolitas the normal brand shops),unless that's your style. Every now and then try looking somewhere new.  Maybe a resale, garage sale, Vintage store, or online stores like Esty. You find so many rare and unique pieces to make your outfits more interesting.
5.)Learn Basic Sewing and Alterations
Yeah, for some of us it's a joy and others it's a chore, but in order to get the best fit you have to make things fit. Most mainstream clothing isn't shaped for everyone. Duh! Everyone is in so many shapes and sizes. Since custom alterations and tailoring has become a thing of the past, of course not everything is going to fit everyone just right. So, learn to make that sewing machine your best friend!
6.)Don't Restrict Yourself to What Everyone Else is Wearing
How else are new fashions and trends born if all individuals are dressing the same? Not to mention that kills all the fun in fashion when everyone is wearing the same thing! So, don't be afraid to experiment!
7.)Take Inventory On What You Need
Go through your clothing and see what is really needed to avoid buying things you don't have anything to wear with. If you need a white cotton blouse keep an eye out for one instead of a lovely sage green skirt that doesn't match your purple and yellow blouse hanging in your closet.
8.)Make Sure Your Shoes Work
Shoes can make or break an outfit. Make sure that it's colors, textures and style work with your outfit and not against it.
9.)Try New Hair Styles
Another one of those make or break things. I know we all have our 2 easy and favorite styles, but an interesting hair style can tremendously add to your coordinate! If you have a hard time coming up with new styles search the internet, look them up on YouTube, get books on styling.

10.)Have Fun With Fashion
Don't stress yourself out too much about whether everything is perfect or not. The day fashion becomes a chore and no longer fun, is the day I'll settle for a pair of jeans and a boring t-shirt, look for a new hobby and be ok with it. If you need to take a break from fashion for a while so you don't get all burnt out, then do it.
-Lady Liddy

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Lady BethAnn said...

wow Lyd, this is some awesome advice! I'll have to keep this in mind!
You have such wonderful in-sight!

as for a topic? mm... that is a hard one. how bout something along the lines of lolita accessories? like the different types of headwear/jewellery?

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