Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Victorian Patterns By Simplicity!

For all you loli seamstresses out there just thought I should make mention of the new Victorian patterns out by Simplicity!
 (I do not claim any rights to this photo)
I myself will be purchasing these lovely patterns when they go on sell. Can't wait to get my hands on them!


Katrina said...

I really like simplicity.
Are you going to make it that long? (:)

Harvester of Pearls said...

I saw that pattern as well! :D It would be fun to make those dresses (just not with such shiny fabric lol)

Lady Liddy said...

Katrina, nah! I'm probably going to shorten them to right below the knee.

Harvester of Pearls, Yes! Down with the shinny fabric! lol... Let me know if you ever use these patterns, I'd love to see your work! :] Did you ever post pictures of your skirt?

Lady BethAnn said...

ah.. I love these patterns! the styles are so pretty!

Valkyrie Phoenix said...

Omg, the 2 from the left are my favourite I want to make so badly XD

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