Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy International Lolita Fashion Day!

Man, I've been gone for a while! Sorry, guys! But I did have a good reason. Along with school and work I've been busy working on my first commissioned dress(which I just sent out today!) I'm hoping to have an etsy set up some time next week.

My outfit in honor of today!
I've been thinking about possibly writing a few posts on tips for new lolis on shopping, sewing, choosing a style, coordinating outfits. Let me know if ya'll are interested!



Brittany Adelle said...

Love that green dress! And seeing the dresses that you come up with! :)

BethAnn said...

hey girl! love the green dress!
can't wait too see the etsy shop! : )
tips? yes please! : )

Harvester of Pearls said...

Very pretty green dress and the brown skirt. :)

NyappyAnne said...

Your outfit of today is very beautiful!
I love the green dress! I like green lolita
dresses, green is my favorite color but you see
that color rarely in lolita :(

Lady Liddy said...

Anonymous said...Brittany, Thanks! I'll have a few more of my design up soon hopefully!

Beth, Haha... yeah , still haven't got my etsy up. I'm waiting on my DBA which will be done most likely this week. :] As for tips, I'm working on that right now! :D

Harvest of Pearls, Thanks! I hope to have that design up for sale soon!

NyappyAnne, Thanks! I'm working on bring more greens and dark purples to the availability of lolitas! I have a few items up for sale here -->

Riechan said...

I'd love to read tips about lolita ^^ especially coordinating tips! Love the skirt btw! very beautiful :)

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