Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Lolita?" Page Update!

I've updated and will countinue to update the "Lolita?" page with bits and pieces at a time about lolita, also photos and notes about other lolita styles.

I was planning on posting some pictures of a photoshoot my sisters and I did last month, but they're not yet processed, sorry. :[ So, to help save this post from utter lameness here is an old artwork of mine.

Oh, almost forget! Yeah, the Easter dress project is still coming along it should have been done quite some time ago, but when life happens to sometimes get busy and lovely moments like when you find out that your 35 inches short on lace come along, stuff well... gets delayed. haha... I'm praying it gets done in time for Easter Sunday. :]



Katrina said...

I LOVE the picture!!

Lady Liddy said...

Thanks, it's pretty old... I need to get back in the swing of drawing again.

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