Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday's Look

I'm a bit behind on posting photos. I don't quiet have the week before last ready, but I do have yesterday's look to post.

A while back I was inspired by these two pieces, so I tried my hand at the "angel kiss" skirt.
I'll have to try later to get better photos of this piece.
This wasn't a difficult skirt to make. If you know how to make your basic pleated skirt, than your in good shape if you want to take a whack at it. It does however take some time to hand sew all the pinches.

Blouse: Sewn by me
Skirt: Sewn by me
Belt: Francesca's
Boots: Body Line
Necklace: Vintage


BethAnn said...

oh I love the skirt! and the pieces that you put with it are really pretty!

Ryuuka said...


Lady Lydia said...

thanks! :D

Leeann Joyce said...

Wonderfull!! I was wondering if you use dress forms, and if so, where did you get yours and about how much are they?

Lady Lydia said...

Hello Leeann,
Yes, I do use a dress form. It is not an absolute need for flat pattern drafting, but it is wonderful for fitting. As for drape pattern drafting however, a dress form is a must.
I myself have two forms. My M size I pick up at a secondhand store(super rare!). My S size I picked up during a black Friday sale. The cost of it was $100. They run about $130-$200 depending on brand and quality. Currently Overstock is having a sale on the same one I own for $87+FREE SHIPPING. That's the best deal I've seen. It's a bit steep, but a good investment if you're looking to get into advanced sewing and pattern making.

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