Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thrifted & Vintage Jewelry Collection

Quiet a bit I get asked, "How do you find such unique accessories?" My to go to places for jewelry are forever 21 and secondhand stores. Both are affordable and carry a wide variety of styles. My favorite of these two has to be secondhand stores! Where you most likely will have to do some digging, but they sell any where from new to very old.
I love the collection I've obtained over the years!
I love browsing through other ladies' collections! It's some silly girl thing I suppose. I like to admire and get inspiration for my own wardrobe.
With all this being said, I thought ya'll might like to view my vintage/thrifted collection. The best part of this collection is that most of these pieces didn't cost above $5!

Here are most of my favorite pieces!

(necklace on the left) My mom found this for me at the goodwill for $4!(on the right) Estate sale $4                
Also from the Goodwill $3. I adore this looking glass!
A gift from a former boss!


All of these were $5 and under. Where they came from... different second hand stores, garage sales, and Goodwill.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it,(my vintage hat collection, vests of skirts, forever 21 jewelry...) Comment below or on my face book and I'll make it the next post!


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Dann Hires said...

Those are totally gorgeous. No wonder they’re your favorites! Maybe you could show us how you sport them along with your favorite vintage collection of vests and skirts. Thanks for sharing!

Dann Hires @ McCarty's Jewelry

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