Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fashion Fail

Earlier, I ask ya'll if you would like to see looks that I feel didn't work. Some of you expressed an interest in posts of that nature. So here it is "Fashion Fails" by LadyLiddy. 
It was raining cats and dogs today! With puddles here and there, I really didn't want to sport any of my nice pairs of shoes going into town. So, I pulled out my old rain boots and looked to see what I had to match. As you can see below they are pink and floral. I pulled out my next to only pink top in the closet. Here's the less than successful results.

There are a hand full of things that I felt went very wrong with this look. First, the button-up is too big (not too loose, just to great in volume) making me look a little boxy. It might would've helped if I had tied the bottom of the button-up to reveal the bottom of the yellow knit underneath, giving me a little more waist(fixing the boxy problem). Secondly, I tied the scarf up too high. It might have balanced the look better if more scarf was showing.
The darker jeans aren't too bad off a choice, but I do feel it would have complemented the scheme of colors better if I had worn a lighter denim.
Lastly I should have worn make-up, and not relied on yesterday's eyeliner to carry me through.
So now you know (if you haven't noticed already ;P) This lady isn't a perfect fashionista!

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