Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Handmade Jumper Skirt!

It's been a long while since I've made a jumper skirt. So, I've decided to brake the silence of my sewing machine with a new project.
This JSK is inspired by: my German/Dutch roots and the brand Juliette et Justine.
The sewing pattern for this dress was 100% created and designed by me. If ya'll are interested in how I make my patterns, let me know by commenting below.

The bodice is made of velvet and the skirting is a cotton polyester mix. Lace was purchased at Hobby Lobby. Under the dress are two Malco Mode petticoats.

If you'd like to see all the different ways I would coordinate this dress comment below!
Thanks for Viewing!


Mary Hazelbelle said...

Nice dress! :D I'm so glad to hear that you are sewing as well,
I am actually sewing on my first project JSK too, as I write this!!! :D I made my pattern after several dresses I liked (different parts LOL) on baking paper ;) haha Please share your pattern wisdom!!! <3 Love /Mary

Clarissa chavez said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it sooooo cute!!!!!
Clarissa chavez

Lady Lydia said...

Thanks ladies!

Mary, I use baking paper too(cheap stuff)! Be sure to post your JSK when it's done. I love to see handmade lolita!
I hope to have a DIY post or a youtube video out before 2013 is gone.

Mary Hazelbelle said...

WOW! Please do :D I'll totally watch it!!! <3 <3 You are so talented! :D HUGZ

Leeann Eliason said...

I love Having Lots of gathering in the skirts I make, but I always have a problem knowing how much more fabric to use so it's Really full. I make 1800s gowns, so they need to be VERY full and was wondering if you had a certain amount of inches per size to make it really full?

Lady Lydia said...

It all depends on the bottom circumference of the petticoat. It's best to make decided measurements in consideration to the fullness of your hoopskirt or petti.

If that made no sense,let me know by PMing or email!

Leeann Joyce said...

I think i understand!! Thanks so much!!

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