Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Winter Favorites

-Turkish Delight-
 Delicious jelly candy! Rose flavor being my favorite. No wonder Edmond traded his siblings! jk, that's horrible...
I pick up this treat at my local Marshalls or TJ Maxx. 

-Loreal EverCreme Leave-In Spray-
A beauty goal of mine is to grow my hair's length down to my waist line. In order to do that one must maintain healthy ends. I have very fine strands. Easy to brake and easy to tangle. The awesome leave-in helps fight the frizz, moisturized, and leave my tresses more equipped to battle the brakeage.
You can pick up this product in the US for $7-$8 an 8.5 oz bottle. Giving Redken's "Anti-Snap"($18-$22) a run for it's money! 
-ISOS Purse-
My sister gifted me this gorgeous bag for Christmas from Asian iCandy. It's a perfect fit for my wardrobe, and the size really suits my needs. The photo doesn't do it justice.
I've look up ISOS's taobao shop, they are very reasonable on price. The international shipping not so much.

 -Mama Z's Soap-
This stuff is magic! I've always struggled with acne, and not just the mild kind. I've fought a hard battle with deep cystic acne. I can count on one hand how many weeks I lived with clear skin in my teen years. Many years where spent ashamed and depress over my problemed skin. Never dared leaving the house without applying foundation.
I tried a wide variety of treatments, from Proactive(which is horrible for your skin) to Organic clay masks. All of these pretty costly. If you were to ask my family, they would tell you that I followed every prescribed treatment and routine religiously. The only method that ever made any headway was oil cleansing, but as a time consuming process it wasn't as practical and easy to keep up. 
A few months back my older sister was gifted a bar of Mama Z's pumpkin spice soap." This is some good stuff!", she said super excited. "That's nice...", I wasn't too impressed. The next morning she put to use her new product for the second time. "Look at my skin", She asked me to observe. I had to do a double take, here mild acne had noticeably cleared up, and here skin had a radiant shine. She lent her sample soaps to me. Less than a week later I could hardly believe my eyes. My skin was bright, with just the right kind of shin, and most importantly clear of acne! I could have cried I was so happy, but black belts don't cry.
Once in a while I'll go to bed with out washing off my make-up. The next day I'll be covered in acne with total regret. But, then... after cleansing my face for at least 3 times it'll be on it's way back to beauty.
This magic soap has not just worked for me and my sisters, but our friend who's shared the same acne problems as me. 
I promise you this is not a sales post. I'm not making one single cent for sharing this. The dear lady who makes this awesome product has no idea I've posted this.
Ranging for $2-$5 a bar. This product is worth a try.
My personal favorites for treating acne and scaring: Leather, Buttermilk Lavender Baby Love, and Pumpkin Spice.
Please, check out Mama Z's fb page here.

I love to share things that bring a little ray of sunshine to my world, and hopefully to yours if you decided to try them.


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